Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have trouble working with the system, our colleagues will always be responsive to you. Also on this page there is a complete list of frequently asked questions of users.

Has pubkar designed a separate application for service providers?

No, pubkar a is comprehensive and complete app covering both the service providers and the customers.

Does Pubkar work on all platforms?

This app is available on android and ios smartphones. Blackberry and Windows Phone users can also access the system through the web.

Who determines the rates?

Prices are agreed upon and in accordance with customary rate between the service provider and the customer.

How many skills could be registered?

There is no limitation for registering skills of specialties, and if the user has skills in many different fields, they can earn money from all of them. It should be noted that in the case of receiving negative feedback from the users, the specialist receives a negative rating, regardless of the skills they have registered. Therefore, it is advisable to register only the skills that you are highly skillful and qualified enough.

Can I have separate user accounts if I have several skills? 

No, pubkar works to improve the security of all users, if a user creates two accounts, pubkar will remove one of them. 

Can the order be canceled if there is no agreement on the price?

Yes, this is possible.

Can I register my order if I have no access to the Internet? 

No, Submitting a request to find professionals through the App and the Web App is possible on the Internet connection only.

Who is responsible to pay the transportation cost of service provider? 

The transportation cost of service provider is determined by the agreement of the service provider and customer, and pubkar does not interfere in this matter.

Who is responsible for providing the materials required for cleaning services, (as an example), the Service provider or the customer?

The cost of materials and all similar items is based on an agreement between the customer and the service provider in accordance with the terms of the transaction

How could I change my password?

The password is the same as the confirmation code that is sent to you when you sign up, and you can change it in your profile by editing the password field

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