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What services pubkar provide for customers?

Low cost employment

we have good suggestions for you, With every specialty and every skill you have.

Targeted marketing

Innovative New Solutions for Marketing aimed For Skilled Professionals.

Connected to the world of communication

A comprehensive database of thousands of customers information and business owners.

Online Office

Pubkar is a safe base for setting up your online business.

Smart Services

Specialized services with best quality is always at your nearest location.

Large Database of Services

You will have access to the most comprehensive pieces of advice for professional companies and experts.

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Pubkar Features

What services are provided for customers?


Cover all expertise and skills

Location based

The nearest expert is at your disposal

User Friendly

Get your service provided fast and easy

User Desk

Just focus on your needs!

Pubkar is a comprehensive online business system that provides customers an easy and quick access to qualified professionals for public and specialised services. The comprehensive coverage of the system in the country allows professional specialties (including private individuals and companies) to register, by submitting their skills at a national level, in order to ensure their economical progress in business development.

more than 3000 job positions and services are available.

Pubkar business system provides opportunities to introduce individual abilities and provides business growth for more than 30,000 job positions in an online platform. Pubkar welcomes all professionals in every part of the country to be presented in this individual, social and professional business system. In addition, it facilitates access to services for public by using the platform created in an online environment and special communication channels provided through practical applications.

Live with pubkar

Pubkar is the host of a large family of customers and also service professionals who are experts in their trade and provide great service.

Customers Experience

What are the customers experience of working with us ?

  • The number of my customers were not satisfying and did not meet the costs For a long time Until I got to know pubkar. Pubkar was a solution.

    Hatef Hosseini Sales Manager of Amin Trading Company
  • Marketing and customer engagement in the current economic crisis made it difficult for us to work, but we found it through pubkar.

    Amir Hossein Kosari Hashemi Managing Director of Golden Sky Travel Agency
  • In photography, no marketing tool is successful more than having satisfied customers. Pubkar allowed my customer to trust me safely.

    pardis Zamani photographer
  • I needed to replace my car’s battery. The market price was over 600,000T! I could buy it 400,000T and install it in my place.

    Hassan Husseini Hessari A Pubkar user