Guidelines for participating in 1000 Euro lottery of pubkar

Guidelines for participating in 1000 Euro lottery of pubkar

What a lottery is going to be held! Just join us , Step-by-step with pubkar 1,000 euros lottery!
Life is getting exciting!
Well, to start, just complete your profile now! have you completed ? Great , Now you have time till Azar 30th to invite ten friends and colleagues and family members to join pubkar.
You need to send your reference code to them ,then they will install it and will become a pubkar user!
Now you have an opportunity to get at least 5 orders per month or receive services 5 times In every career and profession you are.
Just Be careful! if you are a service provider, the requests shall be sent from different phone numbers and you can not get orders from the same user!
We have a little bet as well!
You need to get the highest rank of 4 so the service recipients must be satisfied with service you provide for them.
There is a lottery on Yalda Night then, and 4 pubkar users will win the 50 Euro Prize Awards.

Now let's go to the second stage, Let's find it out!

At this point, you need 20 people to send the code for them. If you invite and add 10 more people and get or receive at least 10 more orders in the last step the second stage will be over! that would be fantastic ,Just be careful You need to get the highest rank of 4 as well.

Therfore,on Dec 30th, there would be another lottery and this time two of you will have a chance to win 100 euros!

And, the exciting part of the story .....

The last step is until March 7th, you will have the opportunity to send 50 codes, this time 50 people must have been invited on behalf of you as pubkar users, moreover 50 requests shall be received or done as well!
This time there would be three winners, each with a gift of 200 euros!
Start now, you can be the winner.

Good Luck

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